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Stories inspire feelings. Feelings inspire action.

Helping small businesses, media and individuals tell their stories.

Stories For Media & Publishers – I’m an Emmy-Award winning writer and producer with 25+ years of experience in TV news, entertainment programs, educational videos, magazines, online and in books. Check out my bio if you need an experienced storyteller for your project.

Stories For Small Businesses – Emotions drive purchasing. Video conveys emotion. Start a relationship with potential clients by showing them your passion, knowledge and personality on video.

Nearly 2/3 of people are more likely to buy a product or service after seeing a video. Learn more.

Stories For Individuals – Our life stories help us understand who we are and see meaning in our lives. They connect us through the generations. I’ll help you write, organize, polish and share your personal stories through coaching and writing classes.


Here’s a recent article that explains more about my passion for telling stories!